Published on 07/18/2018 10:41 pm
Blockchain - A Popular Digital Wallet with Advanced Safety Features

The cryptocurrency traders require a wallet to store the digital coin they acquire. The functionality of the digital wallet is same as the regular wallet as it helps keep the digital coins safe and aids in keeping a ledger for the transactions. The cryptocurrency users can opt from the wide range of digital wallet available in the market, but the wallet that offers its service free of cost is Blockchain. It is the secure, flexible, and robust platform with a friendly interface to facilitate the storing and maintaining of digital currencies without depending on a third party. The company based in Luxembourg is behind the digital wallet, so it follows the legal structure and regulation imposed by the country. The reputed and reliable wallet has 15 million wallets, which shows its popularity. Dial Blockchain phone number +1-800-509-3075 if you want to talk with Blockchain support team.

Advantages of Using Blockchain

Blockchain launched on August 30th, 2011 is the cryptocurrency wallet that comes with the data charts, statistics, and market information to offers an optimized experience to the users. It has the following advantages;

  • It is available to the users without any downloading or installation, so it offers an easy online solution to store the cryptocurrency coins.
  • The wallet is highly secure as it has a built-in security center that comes with the two-step verification process to ensure high-level of security.
  • The wallet offers additional privacy to the users by generating new address after each and every transaction.
  • The reputed platform associates with famous exchanges to offer the users easy buying and selling of buying and selling of cryptocurrency promptly.
  • Users can access the platform from the web or mobile devices as it is compatible with iOS, MAC, and Windows.
  • The digital wallet offers the users the flexibility to adjust the transaction fees.
  • Users can see the balance in their native language, which offers more convenience.


Though the easy-to-use wallet gives a hassle-free experience, it has its own drawbacks.

  • Every online wallet is susceptible to threats from external entities like hacking including the blockchain as it is not safe like the offline wallets.
  • The blockchain identity verification is a tedious process that is often frustrating and time-consuming.
  • The users can only store, buy, and sell two digital coins (Bitcoin and Entehreum) with the blockchain wallet.
  • It does not support the conventional fiat currency transaction to purchase the digital coins.

The blockchain offers the seamless, easy, and flexible method to safeguard the digital currencies, so it is perfect for people looking for a robust and secure wallet. Furthermore, the transparent transaction ensures peace of mind to the users.

There are so many pros and cons of it but whenever you face any issue you can go for Blockchain Support. Wallet Online is the platform that has a team of experts with vast knowledge and experience. They can make it easy for you to understand and use Blockchain. Hope you like the post.


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